Romanian Tax & Lobby: Unregulated lobbying

Specialists described the Romanian lobbying market as still underdeveloped and at the same time lacking transparency, as there is no law to regulate these activities.

Roberto Musneci, senior partner at lobbying firm Serban & Musneci Associates, said the lobbying market in Romania is not developed and this is an opportunity.

“There are 15 registered companies but there are many more in other liberal professions who don’t portray themselves as lobbyists but represent legitimate interests for groups,” explained Musneci.

Adrian Moraru, deputy director at the Institute for Public Policy (IPP), warned that the lack of transparency in the Romanian lobbying scene creates a market that lacks competition. “We at IPP support the enactment of a lobbying law, not self-regulation by the industry,” said Moraru.

Agreement came from Aurelian Horja, co-author of the book “Regulating Lobby Activities: On the Influence Hallway”, and of the “Lobbying in Romania” study.

“Self-regulation is not a solution because it allows operators to do almost anything without any penalties,” said Horja.

Musneci said if the law regulates the lobbying activity and not the lobbyists themselves then he is not ideologically against it, adding that he always makes it known what group he is representing. Currently his firm is trying to push pieces of legislation in healthcare and renewable energy.




  1. Ericks says:

    Admiring the commitment you put into your work. It’s nice to come across a site occasionally. Great job!

  2. Estelle says:

    I agree, this should be regulated by law. Self regulation is not a solution.

  3. Peter Martin says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

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